boeddhistische naam

Your Buddhist name in Chinese characters

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We translate your Buddhist name to meaningful and authentic Traditional Chinese characters. You can use these characters to make a Chinese stamp for signing Ketchimyaku’s (lineage in Zen), sumi-e, paintings, poetry, haiku’s, calligraphy etc.

What do we do?

Your Buddhist name will be translated to Chinese characters by Annie Zheng Yi. Annie is a professional translator and owner of a well known Chinese Translations Agency located in the Netherlands. Annie is also on the board of Ming Zen Centrum .

boeddhistische naam

Creative process

Translating your name is very serious business for Annie Zheng Yi. Furthermore, it is a creative process for which she will allow all the time it needs. The end result is an authentic and meaningful name in Chinese characters.

You receive

*An authentic and meaningful Buddhist name in Traditional Chinese characters.
*An explanation of your name.
*Your name in three different fonts (in (jpg format)

boeddhistische naam
Rich Heart (Fushin)
boeddhistische naam
Great Way (Daidao)


Euro 80 (ex 21% VAT))


You can contact Annie Zheng Yi via e-mail: